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Are you curious, critical and involved in the world around you? At Leiden University, the oldest university in the Netherlands, you can make a valuable contribution to tackling the various national and international challenges facing modern society. Together with academics and fellow students from all over the world, you will actively address these challenges. We keep an open mind, do not shy away from difficult discussions and allow one another the space to disagree. We expect the same active, open-minded and critical attitude from you. We challenge you to look beyond your own boundaries. Leiden University welcomes anyone who wants to achieve their full potential. Our modest community size in the historical cities of Leiden and The Hague creates a highly personal and committed atmosphere. Together, we map out a learning path that suits you and your ambitions. You will also be encouraged to conduct research in cooperation with eminent and enthusiastic scholars. The knowledge and skills you develop here will benefit you for the rest of your life, regardless of the career path you choose!

Why study at Leiden University?

Excellent career opportunities: Leiden University alumni are found in all professional walks of life and they can count on excellent opportunities in the job market.

Educational experience: In our international classrooms the style of teaching here is personal, with small-scale classes that stimulate and encourage interaction between students and lecturers.

Strong links to research: Leiden University is a leading European research university with an excellent reputation as a multidisciplinary and research-intensive university.


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The Hague  Netherlands

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About Leiden University

When you choose Leiden University, you are choosing to broaden your personal and academic horizons. You will find in our two cities – Leiden and The Hague - an inspiring community of students and staff from almost all corners of the world.

Leiden University enjoys an excellent reputation as a research university, attracting talented researchers who are eager to share the most recent insights into their specialist fields. With people like these as your teachers, you will be a part of a research-rich environment that will encourage you to develop your own scientific perspective.

Leiden University champions freedom. Our motto: Praesidium Libertatis, Bastion of Freedom, says it all. In an increasingly complex world, we think that what you think matters, which is why we give you the freedom to think for yourself, acquire knowledge and form opinions. Being encouraged to form your own opinion and develop your critical thinking skills is integral to the Leiden experience. Student-teacher interaction here is probably less formal than you might be used to. In small study groups, your teachers will stimulate discussions to fire your curiosity and develop your outlook.

We want our graduates to become academic professionals and engaged global citizens who contribute to solutions for the challenges facing our society. This calls for teaching that is strongly research driven.

Since 1575 our scientific research makes an important contribution to a safe, healthy, sustainable, prosperous and just world. We work intensively with our partner universities, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam, as well as with leading universities all around the world to continually strengthen our research and teaching.

Discover the world at Leiden University.

Studying at Leiden University means experiencing the best of two cities: Leiden and The Hague. Located along the coast of the Netherlands, and a short hop from Amsterdam Airport, both cities are ideally located. Leiden is a real student city. If you didn’t know better you might think that the historic and lively city of Leiden was made for students. Its atmospheric and compact centre has everything that students could wish for: from university buildings to student pubs, from student associations, clubs and social groups to the University Sports Center. Studying and living in The Hague: the international city of peace and justice, broadens your perspective on the world and quickly gives you an international network. Joining in the organized student events or being a part of a student association will definitely broaden your social and academic horizons. Studying in a city full of embassies, multinationals and international courts certainly has its advantages!

Choosing a master’s programme can be quite a challenge. For the most part, the bachelors programme you have already completed will guide you to the appropriate master - you must have an academic background in the area where you want to do your master. Additionally, Leiden University offers a step-by-step guide to discover which master’s programmes suit your interests and how to best make your choice. This includes getting to know yourself, orienting you to the options you have, exploring those programmes in-depth, and comparing programme before making the final decision. You can always ask for personal advice from study advisors or chat with a current student as well.

There are a small number of scholarship opportunities at Leiden University. It's best to check the scholarship webpage of the university to see if there is one that suits your needs and situation. The good news is that tuition fees are quite competitive, but it is important for each student to plan ahead to finance their entire cost of attendance.

Application to most programmes starts with registering in the government database Studielink. There you can choose up to 4 programmes to apply to in the Netherlands. You will need to make an account in the Leiden University online application system afterwards, and complete the application form for your programme of choice. Doing so includes uploading required documents and paying the 100 Euro application fee. After receipt of a complete application and the application fee, the Admissions Office and programme will assess your application and make a decision within approximately 6 weeks.

We can recommend a few ways to experience Leiden University more fully. The best starting point is to check out the programme page on our website. Here you will find details about the study itself, admission and application information, your tuition fee and deadline, career opportunities and more. Attend our Master Online Open Days or Experience Days – accessible to all! https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/en/education/masters/information-activities You can also chat with a student in many cases, and take a virtual tour.

The Netherlands is home to over 120,000 international students, for good reasons. The Netherlands has a very international atmosphere, offers high quality institutions with unique programmes, and teaching is student-centered, focused on interactivity. Dutch universities offer the largest number of English-taught programmes in continental Europe. And with 95 per cent of Dutch people being able to speak English, you’ll never be lost for words here. The Netherlands is located in the heart of Europe, offering a lot of opportunity to explore and experience all on offer. You are also encouraged to stay and start your career in the Netherlands after your study!

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