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We have 38 Masters Degrees in Torts




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Masters Degrees in Torts

We have 38 Masters Degrees in Torts

Masters degrees in Torts equip postgraduates with the specialist legal knowledge relating to the litigation of civil wrongs and injuries, such as false imprisonment or intentional bodily harm. Related subjects include Dispute Resolution and Contemporary Legal Studies. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant Law discipline.

Why study a Masters in Torts?

## Courses in this field cover a broad range of legal issues and topics for you to investigate, due to the very nature of the field of Torts. Legal injuries are not limited to physical injuries; therefore, you can specialise in issues such as emotional, economic or reputational injuries, as well as violations of privacy, property, or constitutional rights. For example, you might wish to focus your studies on the legislation and legal processes surrounding the litigation of auto accidents. Or, you might specialise in product liability and copyright infringement on behalf of an individual, company or industry. Careers in this field may include traditional roles within legal practise, such as legal representation for an individual or organisation. You might also explore roles in consultation such as solicitation, as well as policy-making on behalf of regulatory bodies.

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