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Masters Degrees in Criminal Law

We have 240 Masters Degrees in Criminal Law

Masters degrees in Criminal Law equip postgraduates with the skills to understand, define, and apply Criminal Law through methods such as investigation and litigation. Related postgraduate specialisms include Criminal Justice and International Criminal Law. Entry requirements typically include an appropriate undergraduate Law degree.

Why study a Masters in Criminal Law?

## Courses in Criminal Law offer a wide range of specialisms and focused research areas for you to pursue; you may tailor your knowledge to your future career. For example, you might wish to examine Criminal Law on an international basis, combining methodologies from subjects such as Comparative Law and Jurisprudence to assess differences in foreign judgement regarding various crimes. Alternatively, you might evaluate diverse issues with regards to Criminal Law, such as Human Rights, assessment of vulnerable peoples, or dealing with minors. You might also assess the criminal justice procedure, including deciphering whether probation service, prison service or rehabilitation are the best options for different crimes. Careers in this field may include roles within the legal profession or public services such as policing. You may also work on behalf of government agencies, or even as a legal representative for a particular business or industry.

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