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We have 48 Masters Degrees in Medical Law




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Masters Degrees in Medical Law

We have 48 Masters Degrees in Medical Law

Masters degrees in Medical Law offer advanced study of the laws, legal systems, and institutions involved with the regulation of medical practise, including analysis of ethics and human rights. Related postgraduate specialisms include Medical Ethics. Entry requirements usually include an undergraduate degree in a relevant undergraduate Law discipline.

Why study a Masters in Medical Law?

## Courses in this field encourage you to build your understanding of the regulation of the individuals and institutions providing medical care, and to represent those receiving it. There are many opportunities for specialisation, such as private or public sector healthcare, or the policies involved with different kinds of procedures, such as cosmetic surgery and enhancements. You may examine the differences in laws and legal regulation of particular issues on an international scale, such as the policies surrounding assisted dying and its legality in some countries but not in others. Careers in this field may include roles in both public and private sector healthcare, consultancy for hospitals and medical research centres, or even roles within community groups. If academia is of interest to you, you might wish to pursue a PhD after your Masters, specialising further in areas such as Jurisprudence.

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