📣 The Postgrad Awards 2024 Official Shortlist 📣

We'd like to say a big thank you to all those who submitted their nominations for the Postgrad Awards 2024. We've been amazed at the number of high-quality entries this year so it’s been a tough one to whittle down but we’ve managed to come up with the official shortlist. Huge congratulations to everyone and good luck!

31 May 2024

Nominations closed

13 June 2024

Shortlist announced

22 July 2024

Judging day

6 September 2024

Winners announced

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The 2024 Shortlist

🏆 Masters Student of the Year

This award recognises those who have really made a difference in the academic sphere and beyond. They are highly motivated and passionate about their subject and also had a positive influence within their postgradate community.

Abdallah Hisham - Aston University✨
Abdallah has been nominated for his outstanding academic achievements in AI and business strategy at Aston University, and for his impactful leadership roles, including founding Momentum and leading Enactus Aston. His unique ability to integrate technology, leadership, and global awareness, demonstrated through innovative projects and contributions to community empowerment, sets him apart as a visionary and changemaker.

Fatima Bashir - Riphah International University ✨
Fatima has been nominated for her groundbreaking work in clinical psychology, earning her the Outstanding Research Award and the Leadership in Mental Health Advocacy Award. Her dedication extends beyond academia through founding the Postgraduate Psychology Network, leading community mental health programs, and actively sharing resources on social media to foster mental health awareness and support.

Hannah Walton - The University of Manchester ✨
Hannah has been nominated for overcoming significant barriers, including leaving school at 14. She is exceling in her Master's program with distinction grades, earning numerous academic commendations. Her extensive volunteer work, advocacy for social justice, and recognition as a community leader, including national awards and a future PhD offer, highlight her exceptional contributions both academically and socially.

Nan Oo - Harbour.Space University ✨
Nan Oo has been nominated for his exceptional academic achievements and leadership at Harbour.Space, where he maintains a perfect GPA and received high praise for his advanced marketing knowledge. Beyond academics, Nan's impactful contributions include serving as President of Harbour.Space@UTCC's student committee, mentoring students globally on ADPList, and leading a successful campaign to build an oxygen-generating plant in Myanmar during the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating his commitment to community welfare and leadership.

Zahistha Begum Raj Gafoor - University of Westminster ✨
Zahistha has been nominated for her outstanding academic achievements and leadership within her postgraduate community, highlighted by roles such as Events Manager for the arts society and Chair of trustee meetings as Student Trustee/Director. Her proactive engagement in parliamentary debates and seminars, advocacy for international and postgraduate students, and exemplary employability skills also contribute to her nomination, reflecting her significant impact both academically and professionally.

🏆 Masters Teacher of the Year

This award celebrates an individual who creates an exceptionally positive and encouraging learning environment, gives their students high-quality constructive feedback, is passionate about their subject, and always puts students first.

Alis Iacob - Loughborough University✨
Alis Iacob has been nominated for her transformative leadership in Graphic Design & Visualisation at Loughborough University, revitalizing the MA program with innovative teaching methods and practice-based research. Her dedication extends beyond academia, fostering student well-being through personalised care and inclusive community-building initiatives, such as virtual Gather.Town sessions and creating a 'De-escalation room' for student support.

Benjamin Pickard - University of Strathclyde ✨
Dr. Benjamin Pickard is nominated for his exceptional contributions as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, recognised for teaching excellence and impactful research spanning genomics, neuroscience, and pharmacology. He empowers postgraduate students through mentorship, organises enriching scientific events, advocates for science on social media, engages in outreach programs, prioritises student well-being, and inspires curiosity in diverse audiences, fostering a supportive academic environment and shaping future scientists.

Kenda Macdonald - Harbour.Space University ✨
Kenda is nominated for her pioneering role in merging marketing and consumer behavior, transforming the industry through her leadership at Automation Ninjas and as a lecturer at Harbour.Space University. Her award-winning achievements, international speaking engagements, and bestselling book highlight her dedication to revolutionizing marketing strategies based on deep insights into consumer psychology, while her dynamic teaching approach and mentorship empower students with practical skills and ethical principles to excel in the field.

Ruth Lennon - Atlantic Technological University ✨
Ruth received 10 nominations, reflecting widespread recognition and appreciation for her impactful contributions to student welfare and academic excellence. Ruth is nominated for her exceptional leadership as the ACM for women in computing, enriching the master's course on cloud computing and DevOps with her industry insights and practical expertise. She actively enhances the postgraduate community at ATU Donegal University through workshops, networking events, and advocacy, fostering a supportive environment that empowers students to excel academically and professionally. Her dedication to bridging academia and industry, demonstrated by her efforts in securing internships and career opportunities for students, exemplifies her commitment to their success and personal growth.

Tomas Cerny - Baylor University / University of Arizona ✨
Dr. Tomas Cerny is due to his distinguished contributions to software engineering and academia, bridging theoretical research with practical applications. His leadership in organising workshops, mentoring students in interdisciplinary projects, and fostering industry collaborations like with Red Hat, showcases his commitment to advancing knowledge and preparing postgraduates for professional success in software engineering. Dr. Cerny's impact extends beyond academia, evident in his advocacy for open-source contributions and community engagement, reflecting his dedication to democratizing knowledge. Additionally, receiving two nominations from previous students underscores his significant influence and recognition within the educational community.

🏆 PhD Student of the Year

This award recognises an individual PhD student who is an excellent and inquisitive researcher and has made a big impact on their peers and research community

Amelia Farber - University of Oxford ✨
Amelia has been nominated for her exceptional academic achievements, including prestigious fellowships and numerous awards for research and vocal performance. Additionally, she has significantly contributed to the postgraduate community through organising conferences, workshops, and support initiatives, showcasing her leadership and empathy.

Charlotte Mellor - The University of Manchester ✨
Charlotte has been nominated for her outstanding academic record, including a First for her MSci and impactful cancer research, alongside her significant contributions to widening participation and community engagement. She has received multiple awards for her efforts in mentoring, sustainability, and peer support, demonstrating exceptional dedication to both her field and society.

Jennifer Davies-Oliveira - The University of Manchester ✨
Jen has been nominated for her groundbreaking research in HPV testing, extensive contributions to gynaecologic cancer care, and numerous prestigious awards. Additionally, she is a passionate advocate for women's and LGBTQ+ health, demonstrating a strong commitment to clinical practice, education, and inclusive research.

Lisa Kelly - University of Limerick ✨
Lisa has been nominated for her innovative research involving people with dementia and their caregivers in music therapy, creating impactful, research-based artistic outcomes. Her work has significantly influenced clinical training, professional practice, and public awareness, enhancing the lives of those affected by dementia.

Mahmoud Alsaeed - University of Sheffield ✨
Mahmoud has been nominated for his exceptional academic excellence, including a prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, and his impactful leadership in revitalizing the postgraduate research community at the Sheffield School of Architecture. His contributions extend globally through his active involvement in housing sector practices, numerous publications, and significant professional and educational engagements.

Sohaib Rufai - University of Leicester ✨
Sohaib has been nominated for his exceptional achievements in ophthalmology, including 35 prestigious prizes, 48 publications, and two bestselling books, alongside his impactful research on infantile nystagmus and contributions to clinical guidelines. Additionally, his dedication to education, community engagement, and innovative research has earned him significant national and international recognition.

🏆 PhD Supervisor of the Year

This award recognises a PhD supervisor who goes out of their way to give their students an outstanding experience. They inspire their students to ask the big research questions, guide them with writing research papers and introduce them to novel and current research techniques.

Colin Rickman - Heriot-Watt University ✨
Dr. Colin Rickman has been nominated for his exceptional leadership in interdisciplinary research and the development of super-resolution microscopy techniques at Heriot-Watt University's ESRIC facility. Despite personal challenges, including health issues, he has tirelessly supported and mentored numerous postgraduate students, ensuring their success and fostering a vibrant research environment. His dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and supporting student welfare exemplifies his nomination for this recognition.

Craig Paterson - Sheffield Hallam University ✨
Dr. Craig Paterson has been nominated for his unwavering dedication to student success and well-being, fostering independent learning and providing exceptional pastoral support. His influence extends beyond academia, where he is highly regarded for his expertise in policing and criminology, impacting both national and international discussions and practices.

Emma Crosbie - The University of Manchester ✨
Professor Emma Crosbie is nominated for her exceptional leadership in endometrial cancer research, highlighted by groundbreaking work on Lynch syndrome and pioneering less-invasive screening tools. She mentors a diverse cohort of clinical academics, promoting innovation and inclusivity, while advocating for women’s health through initiatives like Peaches Womb Cancer Trust and innovative NHS screening campaigns, showcasing her influential role in both research and public health.

Jonathan Rae - Northumbria University ✨
Professor Jonathan (Jonny) Rae is nominated for his outstanding contributions to solar and space physics research, with 114 publications and leadership in projects like Rad-Sat and Sat-Risk. He is renowned for his proactive mentorship of early career researchers, advocating inclusivity, providing support for leadership roles, and fostering opportunities for professional development, making him a pivotal figure in advancing postgraduate education and research.

Paul Newton - University of Greenwich ✨
Dr Paul Newton has been nominated for his exemplary support as a Recognised Research Supervisor, winning 'Postgraduate Research Supervisor of the Year' three times at the University of Greenwich. He organises writing retreats, facilitates research presentations, and fosters a supportive community through initiatives like doctoral discussion forums, demonstrating outstanding leadership and mentorship in academic and personal development. Additionally, his nomination is underscored by receiving three separate nominations, highlighting broad recognition and appreciation for his contributions.

🏆 Best Postgraduate Project or Campaign

Our new category for 2024 aims to recognise hard work. Whether it's an outstanding marketing campaign, a value-adding initiative, or a successful wellbeing programme at an institution, we're eager to recognise the contribution to all things Postgraduate.

✨ GradMAP Philippines - German Cancer Research Center ✨
GradMAP Philippines has been shortlisted for its impactful efforts in empowering Filipino-identifying individuals in STEM to pursue graduate education globally. By providing crucial resources, personalised mentorship, and financial support through grants, GradMAP effectively addresses barriers to higher education, significantly increasing opportunities and admissions for over 100 mentees into Masters and PhD programs worldwide.

✨ Postgraduate Advisory Service: transition to a layered support model - Trinity College Dublin ✨
The Postgraduate Advisory Service’s project at Trinity College, Dublin, has been shortlisted due to its successful transition to a preventative support model for postgraduates, significantly increasing service levels and student satisfaction. By implementing multi-layered supports and reducing wait times for intensive consultations, PAS has effectively empowered postgraduates to resolve issues proactively, resulting in improved academic success and retention rates.

✨Where Curiosity Leads - University of Lincoln✨
The University of Lincoln's 'Where Curiosity Leads' campaign has been shortlisted due to its strategic approach in highlighting world-leading academics and emphasising the transformative impact of postgraduate study, effectively differentiating Lincoln's offerings while engaging and inspiring prospective students through clear, emotive messaging and strong subject-focused content.

✨ PhD SSN Bookclub - Loughborough University ✨
The PhD SSN Book Club at Loughborough University has been shortlisted due to its inclusive and engaging approach, offering doctoral researchers diverse monthly book selections based on member voting. By fostering a supportive environment that combines intellectual exploration with social interaction through themed readings and regular socials, the club enriches academic and personal growth among its members. Additionally, receiving 5 nominations underscores its positive impact and popularity within the university community.

✨ Offer holder conversion through The Ambassador Platform - Royal College of Art ✨
The Royal College of Art's peer-to-peer live chat initiative has been shortlisted for effectively fostering community among incoming students through private and group chats. By facilitating connections, answering questions, and aiding in accommodation searches, the initiative significantly increased engagement and conversion rates, demonstrating its impactful role in student recruitment and integration.

✨PGR Student Partners Scheme - Embedding EDI in PGR Research Culture - University of Southampton ✨
The University of Southampton has been shortlisted for its proactive approach in addressing inequalities faced by racially minoritised and under-represented students in postgraduate research (PGR). Through exploratory research and stakeholder engagement co-led with PGR Student Partners, they've implemented impactful initiatives like a PGR-Supervisor Partnership Agreement and workshops to enhance student support and foster inclusive research environments, marking a significant step towards equity and diversity in academia.

✨10 years of our Post-Grad Community Program - University of the Arts London ✨
The Post-Grad Community (PGC) at University of the Arts London (UAL) has been shortlisted for its decade-long commitment to fostering connections and amplifying voices within UAL's creative community through multidisciplinary initiatives and collaborative artworks like The Post-Grad Community Family Heirloom. This anniversary campaign celebrates diversity, promotes lasting relationships among 6,000+ postgraduates across UAL's colleges, and enriches student experiences through inclusive, cross-platform engagement.

What do the winners win?

Besides the obvious bragging rights, our student winners are awarded a cash prize of £500, an international platform to showcase their commitment to postgraduate study, and recognition from academic communities.

For academics and professional support staff, the Postgrad Awards bring invaluable exposure for university initiatives and academic outputs on our internationally-popular platforms.

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