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Masters Degrees in Jurisprudence

We have 30 Masters Degrees in Jurisprudence

Masters degrees in Jurisprudence involve advanced study of the philosophies, principles, and technical theories of law and legal practice. Related postgraduate specialisms include Legal Theory and Political Theory. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree in a relevant Law discipline.

Why study a Masters in Jurisprudence?

## Courses in this field train you to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of law and legal reasoning, as well as the foundations upon which legal systems and institutions are built. Training is typically portioned into theories surrounding natural law, civil law, and the law of nations. As such, you may examine a range of law systems, from Commercial and Business Law, to International Law and Human Rights. For example, you might investigate internal law and legal systems, such as the efficiency and fairness of legal procedure. Or you could examine law as a particular social institution and its impact in social contexts, examining issues such as ethical practise and theories relating to race and gender. Typical activities undertaken in the traditional role of a jurist may include overseeing the writing of legal documents, consulting on high-profile court cases, or regulating legal procedures.

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