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We have 133 Masters Degrees in European Union Law




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Masters Degrees in European Union Law

We have 133 Masters Degrees in European Union Law

Masters degrees in European Union Law involve advanced study of the legal structure, systems and applications of law specifically for practices within, or associated with, the European Union. Related subjects include Comparative Law and International Law. Entry requirements usually include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate Law discipline.

Why study a Masters in European Union Law?

## European Union Law covers a broad range of legal, institutional and commercial activities. As such, there are numerous opportunities for specialisation within this field. For example, you might wish to specialise in European Trade and Commercial Law, analysing EU Competition Law, and EU business regulation including goods, workers, and citizenship. On the other hand, you may wish to focus your studies on the European Convention on Human Rights. Within this, you might analyse EU Public Law and EU Procedural Law, in relation to European integration politics and the institutions involved with activities such as immigration and labour. Other, more niche specialisations include Air and Space Law, and EU Litigation. As well as roles in the legal profession, careers may include legislative roles within the commercial sector. You might even undertake humanitarian roles within regulatory bodies or NGOs such as charities.

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