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Masters Degrees in Contract Law

We have 124 Masters Degrees in Contract Law

Masters degrees in Contract Law examine the arrangements between two or more parties that are enforceable by law as a binding legal agreement. Related postgraduate specialisms include Insolvency Law and Commercial Law. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate Law degree.

Why study a Masters in Contract Law?

## Contracts arise in all aspects of our daily lives, from the purchase of a bus ticket, to signing an employment agreement. As a trainee in Contract Law, you will examine the processes of contract formation, from mutual intent and offers, through to consideration and acceptance. You will also receive training in the various issues and circumstances surrounding contracts, such as economic practices or ethical obligations. This could include, for example, learning to decide when to litigate in cases such as insolvency (where a party is unable to make an agreed payment). Specialisations are available in areas such as law for minors and vulnerable people, for instance those under mental affliction at the time a contract was made. Careers are wide-ranging, and may include legal roles in areas such as retail and commerce, international trade, property, or finance.

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