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We have 85 Masters Degrees in Comparative Law




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Masters Degrees in Comparative Law

We have 85 Masters Degrees in Comparative Law

Masters degrees in Comparative Law offer advanced training in the differences and similarities between the laws of different countries. In particular, they involve an examination of different legal systems, such as civil law and social law. Related postgraduate specialisms include International Law and Jurisprudence. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant Law discipline.

Why study a Masters in Comparative Law?

## Courses in this field equip you with the skills to understand and undertake techniques in litigation across a range of legal systems, particularly in an international context. For example, you may learn to decipher and analyse foreign judgements on issues such as contract law, copyright, and banking. Or, you might opt to focus your studies on multinational enterprises and international trade, examining issues such as international labour and equality rights, for example within EU law. You can also opt to specialise in the laws and legal systems of a particular country, or even a particular community, for example Jewish Law or Canon Law. Aside from traditional legal roles, careers in this field can include roles within the business and corporate community such as private accounting and finance management, or workplace consultancy.

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