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We have 377 Masters Degrees in Public International law




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Masters Degrees in Public International law

We have 377 Masters Degrees in Public International law

Masters degrees in Public International Law offer advanced study of the legal structure, conduct and interaction of sovereign states, analogous entities (such as certain religious institutions), and intergovernmental organisations. Related subjects include International Law and Public Affairs. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant Law discipline.

Why study a Masters in Public International Law?

## Courses in this field offer an interdisciplinary approach to examine issues which arise across the boarders of various states internationally. Methodologies and techniques may be drawn from fields such as Comparative Law, Contract Law, Jurisprudence, and Legal Practise. There are a broad range of topics on offer, which you may wish to specialise in. For example, you might study the laws surrounding armed conflict, and policies such as treaties between different states. Alternatively, you might wish to examine commercial relations and trade, particularly studying economics, corporate governance and financial regulation. Other specialisations include Human Rights, Airspace Law, and Maritime Law. Careers in this field are highly varied, and could include legal consultation across a range of industries, as well as policy-making roles for government departments, regularity authorities, and even charities.

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