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We have 3 Masters Degrees in Finnish Literature & Language


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Masters Degrees in Finnish Literature & Language

We have 3 Masters Degrees in Finnish Literature & Language

Masters degrees in Finnish Literature and Language equip postgraduates with the skills to critically analyse and understand the morphology of and usage of the Finnish language, and its representation in literature. Related postgraduate specialisms include Scandinavian Studies, and Finnish Society & Culture. Entry requirements usually include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Modern Languages, Literature or Cultural studies.

Why study a Masters in Finnish Literature & Language?

## Being a relatively ‘young’, country, the Republic of Finland is heavily influenced by other European cultures, including Swedish and Russian. As a result, the country’s lingual and literary developments provide interesting research opportunities. For example, you might scrutinise issues of authority in Finnish literature written before the 16th century, as works were typically written in Latin or Swedish. On the same hand, you might examine how the bible was a key in the surge of Finnish-written literature after the Bishop’s translation in 1548. Related to this phenomenon, you might also research what is known as Finland’s ‘language strife’, when Finnish was competing with Swedish as the official language of Finland within the political, educational and cultural realms. Careers in this field are varied, but may include academia and publishing, translation, or even heritage management.

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