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We have 4 Masters Degrees in Swedish Society & Culture


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Masters Degrees in Swedish Society & Culture

We have 4 Masters Degrees in Swedish Society & Culture

Masters degrees in Swedish Society & Culture examine the social, cultural and economic institutions which govern activities and movements originating from, or associated with, Sweden. Related postgraduate specialisms include Scandinavian Studies and Nordic Studies. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate subject such as Literature, Modern Languages, or Cultural Studies.

Why study a Masters in Swedish Society & Culture?

## The Culture of Sweden may be seen across many parts of Europe and Scandinavia, and as such the cultures and traditions associated with Sweden offer a breadth of opportunities for study. For example, Swedish culture is very predominant Finland, where the Swedish language has equal legal standing with Finish, due to the country’s colonial past. You might therefore wish to observe issues about culture and identity in relation to political structures. Alternatively, you might scrutinise how social norms differentiate between the 25 historical provinces, and how the Swedish population identifies with each as individual cultural regions. Careers in Swedish Society & Culture are broad, and may include traditional roles in academia, publishing, journalism, and popular research such as archiving on behalf of museums and heritage sites.

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