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We have 50 Masters Degrees in Marine Biology


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Masters Degrees in Marine Biology

We have 50 Masters Degrees in Marine Biology

Masters degrees in Marine Biology train postgraduates in techniques for examining oceanic biology, from microorganisms to fish, fauna, and sea mammals. Opportunities for specialism and interdisciplinary study exist in areas such as Aquaculture, Marine Engineering and Conservation Studies. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Environmental or Biological science.

Why study a Masters in Marine Biology?

## You will explore the biological and physical properties of marine environments, from fisheries, to estuaries and oceans. Alongside genetics and quantity marine ecology, you will investigate topics such as animal behaviour, sustainability, and the influence of anthropogenic (human) factors on marine environments. You will examine tropical and temperate habitats through a scrutiny of plants, organisms, coral reefs, and benthic areas using various analytical and methodological approaches This includes lab-based work such as experiment design, bioimaging and electron microscopy, to fieldwork undertaking survey and sampling techniques. These include GIS (Geographic Information Systems), satellite imaging, and radiochemical analyses. Careers may include: journal editing and scientific writing; consultancy or policy-making for environmental agencies, government agencies, and NGOs; marine conservation practise; laboratory research; further study at PhD.

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