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We have 29 Masters Degrees in Marine Zoology


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Masters Degrees in Marine Zoology

We have 29 Masters Degrees in Marine Zoology

Masters degrees in Marine Zoology offer advanced study of animals - including fish, invertebrates and mammals - in seawater environments. Many courses also focus on broader issues related to marine climates and habitats (such as conservation, development and climate chance impacts). Programmes in this subject are often interdisciplinary, drawing on aspects of Aquaculture, Oceaonography and general Marine Biology. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in Biology, Animal Science or Environmental Studies.

Why study a Masters in Marine Zoology?

## You will increase your vocational skills in activities including lab-based work such as experiment design, bioimaging and electron microscopy. You will also undertake fieldwork, employing survey and sampling techniques to study marine life in a variety of tropical and temperate environments, sometimes in remote or indigenous areas. Utilising techniques in genetics and taxonomy, you will build your academic knowledge to identify and trace the origins and evolution of various marine species and analyse marine biodiversity. You will also consider numerous issues through a variety of cultural frameworks such as sustainability and ethical principles. Experience in this field would make you suitable for many roles aside from that of the traditional Marine Zoologist. You could work with charities and agencies on marine conservation projects, become involved in legislation for NGOs, or even pursue more exotic careers such as paleozoology.

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