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We have 9 Masters Degrees in Entomology


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Masters Degrees in Entomology

We have 9 Masters Degrees in Entomology

Masters degrees in Entomology provide advanced training in the study of insects, investigating their beneficial uses in various industries, as well as their potential risk as pests. Related topics and specialisms at postgraduate level include Parasitology and Pathogen Biology, as well as broader branches of Zoology and Animal Sciences. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, such as Biology or Animal Science.

Why study a Masters in Entomology?

## Insects play an important role in a variety of ecosystems which we rely on. Many insects are responsible for the fertilisation of our plants (pollinators), and the security of our food sources (control agents). They also impact environmental processes such as the decomposition cycle as reducers of waste. Insects can also however have negative effects in day-to-day life, as carriers of disease affecting plants, animals and humans. A working knowledge of this field is therefore highly sought after in a variety of industries including agriculture, medicine and pharmacology. For example, you may wish to undertake consultancy roles within the public or private sectors, advising farmers and growers on best-practise methods for entomological assistance. On the other hand, you could work with government agencies and charities in epidemiology, working to reduce the number of dangerous insect species.

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