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We have 7 Masters Degrees in Systematic Zoology


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Masters Degrees in Systematic Zoology

We have 7 Masters Degrees in Systematic Zoology

Masters degrees in Systematic Zoology examine and compare different animal species through numerical, morphological and molecular methods. Explorations include both living and fossilised animals. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, for example Biology, Chemistry, or Animal Science.

Why study a Masters in Systematic Zoology?

## Postgraduate courses in this field are highly varied, and allow you to specialise in a variety of different ways. For example, you may wish to focus specifically on one area of the animal kingdom, for example mammals, or instead undertake research in phylogenetics (evolutionary relationships) or population genetics across numerous species. With this in mind, the practical training you receive is very similar across different specialisations. It will typically include activities such as lab testing, bioimaging, gene tracking, and practical fieldwork such as excavation and geographic information systems (GIS). These skills will make you suitable for a number of roles. These include traditional routes such as zoo keeping, conservation and wildlife ecology, or alternatively professions such as taxonomic consultancy for museums and research institutes, scientific writing, or academia.

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