We have 5 Masters Degrees in Pest Science


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Masters Degrees in Pest Science

We have 5 Masters Degrees in Pest Science

Masters degrees in Pest Science equip postgraduates with a working knowledge of different varieties of pests, their roles as disease vectors and agents of damage, and how to manage them appropriately. Related postgraduate subjects and specialisms include Infectious Diseases, Public Health Science, Parasitology and Entomology - as well as more vocational topics such as Pest Control and Agricultural Manegement. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject.

Why study a Masters in Pest Science?

## Managing pests is essential for food securityas producers attempt to protect crops and farming spaces. Proper pest control can also play a role in more surprising fields, such as heritage management and the preservation of important artefacts or even buildings. Your Masters will provide you with a variety of transferrable skills which you can apply to the agricultural, medical and pharmaceutical industries, in order to tackle issues such as these. This includes training in vocational Pest Management techniques, for example employing biometrics to assess the biological performance of pesticides. Other practical training includes experiment design, laboratory work and ecological analyses. Your academic knowledge of the different economically important insects, pests and diseases, backed with practical skills will also make you suitable for consultancy and policy-making roles within government agencies, NGOs and charities.

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