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We have 352 Masters Degrees in Molecular Biology


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Masters Degrees in Molecular Biology

We have 352 Masters Degrees in Molecular Biology

Masters degrees in Molecular Biology offer advanced study of the structure and function of macromolecules (such as proteins and acids) which are essential in the biological processes of living organisms. Focus is given particularly to the chemical reactions within cells, and the role of DNA in determining biological states. Specialisms and related subjects include Cell Biology, Molecular Pathology as well as branches of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Genetics. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree.

Why study a Masters in Molecular Biology?

## In understanding the molecular mechanics of an organism, you open a realm of possibility in understanding its health, biological environment, and possible uses for either the organism itself or its biological outputs. For example, you may wish to study how plant molecules form vaccines against disease, or how certain animals survive in extreme environments. You will explore practices in genetics, such as DNA sequencing and bioinformatics, to examine patterns within genetic material and their influence on biological functions. Activities such as lab testing, bioimaging, and 3D modelling are also a key component. Careers are highly varied, but may include roles within industries such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and bioengineering. Molecular Biologists often undertake consultancy within government agencies and NGOs.

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