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We have 282 Masters Degrees in Genetics


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Masters Degrees in Genetics

We have 282 Masters Degrees in Genetics

Masters degrees in Genetics administer specialist training in techniques for tracing genetic origin, heredity and variation in distinct and related organisms. Specialisations include Human Genetics in the form of Medical or Disease Genetics, as well as Animal, Evolutionary, Forensic, or Quantitative Genetics. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant science, though subjects that focus on mathematics or statistical analysis and modelling may also provide a route into Genetics.

Why study a Masters in Genetics?

## The practical training which you receive will be suitable across a range of careers. This includes activities such as lab work analysing and manipulating tissue cultures to scrutinise gene structure and function, bioimaging, genetic mapping, and genetic modification. Fieldwork and case studies will explore topics such as genomics and omic technologies, bioinformatics, ethics, and legislation. Geneticists are often employed within large research institutes primarily undertaking laboratory work, but their knowledge is often required by governing bodies and agencies, government, NGOs, and private SMEs. Careers include roles within the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, through to agriculture, wildlife conservation, and public policy. If you would prefer a career in academia, your Masters would provide excellent preparation for further independent research at PhD level.

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