We have 69 Masters Degrees in Human Genetics


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Masters Degrees in Human Genetics

We have 69 Masters Degrees in Human Genetics

Masters degrees in Human Genetics provide advanced training in the study of the human species, including origin, inheritance, and genetic variation. Specialisations include Clinical Genetics, Cancer Genetics, Neurological Science, and Healthcare Biotechnology. Related topics include branches of Medicine, Healthcare and Biotechnology as well as fields such as Gerontology, Developmental Biology and Pathology. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in one of the Biological Sciences.

Why study a Masters in Human Genetics?

## You will gain a multitude of transferrable skills through a combination of academic enquiry and practical research. Practical skills are predominantly developed through laboratory work, including experiment design, bioimaging, chemical examination, and gene recombination. Training in computer science such as bioinformatics is also a vital part of these courses. You will be expected to interpret genetic data through practises such as quantitative genetics, to identify genetic variants and traits of inheritance. Topics covered on each course vary, but will typically include human evolution and population genetics, responses to disease and vaccinations, and medical practices such as organ transplantation. Traditional career routes include clinical medicine, genetic counselling, and laboratory roles within industrial contexts. More exotic careers may include routes in forensics, archaeology, or paleobiology.

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