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We have 8 Masters Degrees in Veterinary Genetics


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Masters Degrees in Veterinary Genetics

We have 8 Masters Degrees in Veterinary Genetics

Masters degrees in Veterinary Genetics provide postgraduate training in techniques for investigating, identifying, and treating genetic abnormalities in a broad range of animal species. Specialisations include Equine Science, Livestock Science, and Exotic Livestock. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a Veterinary or Biological Science subject.

Why study a Masters in Veterinary Genetics?

## You will gain specialist knowledge of the role of genetics in animal disease, developing academic and practical experience in areas such as diagnostics, epidemiology, immunology, and microbiology. Practical training is offered primarily through lab work, including experiment design, molecular research, DNA sequencing, and examining tissue culture. Consideration is given to issues such as ethics and policy within veterinary practise, alongside welfare and treatment of animals in captivity, for example zoos. Careers in Veterinary Genetics are wide-ranging, but may include traditional lab-based roles, analysing genetic material for private firms and veterinary practices. Your experience could also lead to consultancy roles for SMEs and charities, or policy making for government agencies and international NGOs.

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