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We have 30 Masters Degrees in Applied Genetics


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Masters Degrees in Applied Genetics

We have 30 Masters Degrees in Applied Genetics

Masters degrees in Applied Genetics offer advanced training in developing and understanding mechanisms for genetic processes such as inheritance, mutation, and variation, applying this knowledge for use in industrial contexts. Some courses will examine genetic modification, though it is not a mandatory component. Popular specialisms include applied branches of Human Genetics as well as fields such as Healthcare, Medicine and Bioengineering.

Why study a Masters in Applied Genetics?

## You will learn to develop models for understanding genetic patterns, including practices such as bioinformatics and qualitative genetics. You will explore issues such as gene therapy and cytogenetics, honing transferrable skills through practical activities including DNA sampling, experiment design, lab testing, bioimaging, fieldwork, and case studies. The experience you will gain may be utilised in various industries, including agriculture, medicine and pharmaceuticals. Your expertise would make you suitable for consultancy for NGOs and private SMEs, or in public policy and roles within governing bodies. You could even work towards a career in research, developing new techniques for understanding genetic biological processes. For the latter route, your Masters would provide excellent groundwork for further research at PhD level.

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