We have 22 Masters Degrees in Population Genetics & Evolution


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Masters Degrees in Population Genetics & Evolution

We have 22 Masters Degrees in Population Genetics & Evolution

Masters Degrees in Population Genetics & Evolution offer training in understanding the genetic processes of speciation within organisms and their collectives. They explore the ways in which genetics govern population structure, hybrid zones, and selection, giving consideration to organisms in their environment. Related topics and opportunities for specialisation include Evolutionary Generics, Animal Breeding, Ecology and Biodiversity. Entry requirements include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate science or social science subject.

Why study a Masters in Population Genetics & Evolution?

## You will study the genetic changes associated with speciation, developing a broad range and depth of academic knowledge and transferrable skills. This includes utilising methodologies such as genetic mapping, bioinformatics and quantitative genetics, developing genetic models through computer analysis of DNA and protein sequences. You may focus your studies in areas such as complex traits, animal breeding and genetic improvement, climate change and ecology, or even palaeobiology and palaeobotany. Careers in this field are highly varied. Your route may follow local practices such as genetic counselling, working with families and communities to manage inherited diseases. On the other hand, you may wish to work on a larger scale, undertaking a role in policy making for government agencies, NGOs, and charities.

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