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We have 93 Masters Degrees in Genomics


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Masters Degrees in Genomics

We have 93 Masters Degrees in Genomics

Masters degrees in Genomics offer advanced study of organisms in terms of their genomes (the complete set of DNA within a single cell of an organism). Practices such as genetic recombination, DNA sequencing methods, and bioinformatics are employed to sequence, assemble, and analyse their structure and function. Related topics and postgraduate specialisms within Genomics include Genomic Medicine, Medical Genetics and branches of Biotechnology and Biomedicine.

Why study a Masters in Genomics?

## Courses in this field provide several specialisations for you to choose from, including Medical and Veterinary Genomics, Evolutionary Genomics, and Plant Genomics. Whether you choose a particular focus for your degree, or opt to work on a broader range, there are plenty of practical, transferrable skills which you can employ in numerous future careers. These include: undertaking laboratory research in topics such as gene therapy; analysing genomes through 3D modelling and bioimaging; chemical examination and manipulation of tissue cultures, from individual genomes, to cells and whole organisms. Your experience would be suitable for: technical genomics in hospitals, veterinary centres or forensics departments; consultancy in industries such as agriculture or pharmaceuticals; policy making for NGOs, private SMEs or government agencies.

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