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About the course


The Master of Science in Biology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel includes three graduation options. Each of these allows you to specialise in your research field of interest, while a broad range of electives provide the opportunity to maintain and develop a multidisciplinary scope.

Regardless of the graduation option you choose, our primary goal is to provide you with the best preparation for your scientific career. Therefore, our graduation options share a number of course units to develop your skills in indispensable aspects of scientific research:

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Entry Requirements

The Master of Science in Biology is open to holders ofa Bachelor degree in Biology.For other academic bachelors in science, applied science and life sciences, equivalency will be evaluated based on scientific competences and skills of the students by the Master of Biology Steering Committee. Such as academic Bachelor degrees with a minor in Biology (e.g. BSc in Environmental Sciences, BSc in Biotechnology...) In order to be admitted, you need to be proficient in English.


980 EUR/year

 Course Content

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VUB Welcome video
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Student Profile(s)

Chebii Willy Kibet (MSc Biology)

I studied Botany and Zoology at the University of Nairobi, and am now enrolled in the MSc Biology, profile Human Ecology at the VUB. My dream is to play an important role in plant ecology and conservation. Human beings are central to environment reconstruction and degradation and prudent management would avert possible ecological challenges and impacts. Studying Human Ecology at the VUB gives me the recognition and the knowledge and skills needed to help my people and my country. It has a holistic approach to science, combining theoretic, practical as well as field work. The dedicated professors coach us, inspire us, and challenge us to be innovative. I have also learned how to do oral exams. They are not common in Kenya, but teach you important social skills.

Pierluigi Colangeli (MSc Biology)

I am a freshwater ecologist and I attended the MSc in Biology: Environment, Biodiversity and Ecosystems. My time at the VUB was very important for my formation. I learned a lot about every single process that characterises the research in general, and moreover I gained expertise in oral skills and presentation techniques.

I appreciated the multidisciplinary approach offered by the faculty: a vast choice of electives ensures a dynamic learning process of many different subjects, allowing you to build up a general knowledge and to link different scientific areas.

An applied approach to ecology ensures that you gain skills during the field work, and the excursions offered by the MSc were inspiring, intense and enjoyable. Furthermore, students from different MSc programmes join the excursions. This ensures real sharing of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Karan Prakash (MSc Biology)

I was drawn to the Master of Biology (Environment, Biodiversity & Ecosystems) by its internship option and the numerous opportunities to engage in field excursions. In this academic field, practical work is as crucial as theoretical work, and the VUB offers a superb balance. Studying in the heart of the environmentally progressive European Union offered me the opportunity to observe and learn among students and professors who share a similar passion for conservation. The VUB’s approach to education also guarantees that professors have ample personal time for you. Thus, real kinships are developed with your instructors. I am glad I used this chance to acquire and develop the scientific skills needed to succeed in the real world.

Dimitri Boon (MSc Biology)

I am a Master student in Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology. I have always dreamed of finding a new treatment for a life-threatening disease such as cancer. That is why I knew early on in my studies that my preference would go to Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology. The VUB gives you the opportunity to partly develop a tailor-made study programme, so it fits perfectly with your needs and interests.

Also I must add that the philosophy of the VUB made me decide to do my Biology studies there, as for me independent research is inherent to life.

Claudia Parra Paitan (MSc Biology)

After I finished my Bachelor in Biology in Peru, I have been working 4 years in the interface between policy-making and research. However, I decided to scale up my knowledge to be able to contribute better to society. When I came across the Master in Human Ecology, it was love at first sight as the programme combines basic science, applied science and policy. The international environment was fascinating to me. To have the possibility to learn from the experience of people from Madagascar, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Samoa, Denmark, etc. was truly amazing. I especially liked the courses about statistics, impact assessment, agroforestry, biotechnology and fisheries, and was impressed with the passionate and knowledgeable professors. I would strongly recommend this programme to all students who think science should be used to promote sustainable development. To those who believe understanding human society is crucial to maintain healthy environments where humans receive the benefits of nature, but also provide the conditions to maintain nature.

Samuel Appiah Ofori (MSc Biology)

Studying at VUB opened me up to meet people from across the world. Academically, the experience with professors and colleagues has pushed me to always be on my toes to study harder and work towards greater achievements. I have become more open-minded, more disciplined, and more outspoken as I went through the various trainings from both course work and examinations.


Applications for 2021-2022 are closed.

The Scholarship covers:
Tuition fee/tuition waiver: Tuition fee is limited to amount paid by Flemish scholarship student
Duration: Duration of the Master program (if 2-year Master: second year conditional)
Health insurance is not included
Flight cost is not included
Language preparation courses are not included


Only outstanding students can apply (equivalent of magna cum laude, first class honours, Grade A).

Application Procedure

Please note that you need to have applied for a place at the VUB and have received an offical letter of acceptance, issued by the VUB Education and Student Administration Office, before you can apply for the scholarship. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel will nominate maximum 20 students for selection to the Flemish Ministry of Education.

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Value of Scholarship(s)



For a full PhD:
You must have Chinese nationality, and meet the eligibility requirements of CSC.
And you are a last-year Master student from a Chinese university (4-year scholarship)
Or a last-year Master student from a university outside of China (4-year scholarship)
Or a student who already obtained a Master degree (4-year scholarship)
Or a first-year PhD student currently enrolled in a university outside of China (3-year scholarship)
For a jointly supervised PhD:
-You must have Chinese nationality, and meet the eligibility requirements of CSC.
-And a current PhD student enrolled in a Chinese university

Application Procedure

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