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We have 31 Masters Degrees in Biophysics


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Masters Degrees in Biophysics

We have 31 Masters Degrees in Biophysics

Masters degrees in Biophysics equip postgraduates with the skills to determine the physical phenomena which influence living organisms. They scrutinise the physical patterns within atoms, cells, and environments, and how these determine the biological processes existent in everyday life. Specialisms include Medical Biophysics and Clinical Biophysics. Closely related subjects include Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Entry requirements for a Biophysics Masters normally include an undergraduate degree in Biology, Physics or a related science subject.

Why study a Masters in Biophysics?

## Degrees in this field allow you to explore the molecular processes of living organisms, to combat everyday issues such as cancer treatment, food production, and even climate change. Depending on where your interests lie, you could be trained in numerous areas, such as: analysing human biology such as protein machines and nerve cell communication; exploring plant biology in relation to bioenergy and conservation; designing and implementing technological innovations for various industries. You will also receive vocational training in lab testing, data modelling, and systems management. Typically, Biophysics careers are laboratory-based, conducting original research either within academia, a government agency or private industry. The transferable skills gained on the course would also make you suited to roles in medicine, scientific administration, or scientific publishing.

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