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Masters Degrees in Biotechnology

We have 276 Masters Degrees in Biotechnology

Masters degrees in Biotechnology equip postgraduates with the skills to utilise organisms and their biological outputs, in order to optimise products and services in numerous contexts. Specialisations include Medical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, and Plant Biotechnology. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant science, technology or engineering subject.

Why study a Masters in Biotechnology?

## Biotechnological applications permeate the modern world, from simple biochemical processes like brewing and fermentation, to more complex processes such as gene modification and bioconversion. The outputs of these processes can be utilised in a range of formats, including the modification of crops to increase yield, to developing sustainable practices to reduce global warming. The possibilities are truly endless. As a result, careers in Biotechnolody or Bioengineering are highly varied. They can range from policy-making for government agencies and NGOs, to roles in industry such as agriculture and pharmaceuticals. More exotic careers may include product development in areas such as intellectual property (IP), automation, or medical machinery. A Masters in Biotechnology is also excellent preparation for further study at PhD level.

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