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We have 47 Masters Degrees in Plant Biotechnology


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Masters Degrees in Plant Biotechnology

We have 47 Masters Degrees in Plant Biotechnology

Masters degrees in Plant Biotechnology provide specialist knowledge of the physiology, breeding, and pathology of plants at the molecular level and their use in industrial applications.

Popular postgraduate specialisms in this subject include Plant Biology, Plant Science and Plant Agriculture. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Agriculture, Biology, or Chemistry.

Why study a Masters in Plant Biotechnology?

Plants and their biological compounds are essential for many of the day-today products we use and consume, such as proteins and metabolites for food and pharmaceuticals.

It is to this end that you will scrutinize the molecular structures and processes which underpin plant-insect, plant-pathogen, and crop-weed relationships, and how these enable the development of tools and technologies to aid plant growth, pest control, and post-harvest quality control. You can also explore the production of renewable resources, including bioconversion and bioenergy.

With this experience – together with practical skills you’ll gain such as lab testing, bioimaging, and data analysis - numerous careers are open to you. From positions in conservation and wildlife programmes, to consultancy within government agencies and NGOs, and even product design and development.

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