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We have 51 Masters Degrees in Industrial Biotechnology


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Masters Degrees in Industrial Biotechnology

We have 51 Masters Degrees in Industrial Biotechnology

Masters degrees in Industrial Biotechnology train postgraduates in the utilisation of plants and microorganisms for industrial contexts, through analysis and manipulation of their molecular and biochemical components. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Engineering, Chemistry, or Biology.

Why study a Masters in Industrial Biotechnology?

## Postgraduate study in Industrial Bioengineering and Biotechnology offers practical training in handling microorganisms, developing molecular biological techniques, and producing biological compounds. Explorations of commercially significant natural products and GMO (genetically modified organisms) is also likely, with frameworks such as bioethics considered across several industries including biopharmacy, medicine, and the agrifood industry. Careers in this field are highly varied. You may wish to work within design and production roles, for example as a design technician or production manager in industries such as IP (intellectually property), providing facilities and services to disabled individuals. Your experience would also make you suitable for consultancy roles or policy-making for government agencies and NGOs, working on issues such as pollution prevention and resource conservation.

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