We have 18 Masters Degrees in Solar & Solar Terrestrial Physics




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Masters Degrees in Solar & Solar Terrestrial Physics

We have 18 Masters Degrees in Solar & Solar Terrestrial Physics

Masters degrees in Solar & Solar Terrestrial Physics involve advanced study of the Sun and its interactions with the Earth. Related subjects include Astrophysics, and Astronomy. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate subject such as Mathematics or Physics.

Why study a Masters in Solar & Solar Terrestrial Physics?

## The Sun is the Earth’s ultimate energy source, and is key to understanding many of the processes that occur on our planet every single day. Courses in this field encourage you to explore a range of methodologies and techniques for measuring, observing and monitoring the Sun and these geological processes. Training is often interdisciplinary in nature, examining key concepts and approaches from a variety of Physics disciplines. For example, you might gain an understanding of stellar physics by investigating the theory of particle physics. Alternatively, you could examine the Sun’s magnetic field and its impact on the Earth’s climate. Careers in this field may include roles across a range of sectors, such as satellite development, space exploration and environmental conservation.

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