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We have 40 Masters Degrees in Space Science




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Masters Degrees in Space Science

We have 40 Masters Degrees in Space Science

Masters degrees in Space Science involve advanced study of space beyond our Solar System, including not only observable space, but also the theory of unobservable space. Related postgraduate specialisms include Space Engineering and Cosmology. Entry requirements usually include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as Mathematics or Physics.

Why study a Masters in Space Science?

## Space Science is concerned with a broad range of natural phenomena and physical bodies that occur in outer space, and the ways in which we can use technology to observe and measure them. Courses in this field are often interdisciplinary in nature, combining methodologies from fields such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. You might explore historical and contemporary developments in the design of spacecraft and instrumentation, as well as hypotheses about the environment of space and current policy on space operations. Careers in this field are highly varied and may include roles in national observatories to examine cosmological phenomena, or research roles within government organisations. Other careers include aerospace engineering, the civil service, journalism, academia and publishing.

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