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We have 41 Masters Degrees in Optical Physics




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Masters Degrees in Optical Physics

We have 41 Masters Degrees in Optical Physics

Masters degrees in Optical Physics involve advanced study of the creation and properties of electromagnetic radiation, and the means with which its interaction with matter can be manipulated and controlled. Related subjects include Optical Technologies and Photonics Engineering. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree such as Physics or Engineering Technology.

Why study a Masters in Optical Physics?

## Optical physicists are predominantly concerned with the discovery and application of new phenomena to develop ultrafast technology, creating advances in fields such as communications, medicine, manufacturing and entertainment. You will explore a range of light sources across the electromagnetic spectrum, including microwaves, gamma rays, infrared, ultraviolet light and X-rays. Through a combination of experiment design and practical workshops, you will learn to design and develop technologies that use light sources for various applications. This might include the development of lasers for uses such as remote sensing, fibre optics for advanced communications such as telecommunications and broadband, or telescopes for use in astronomy. Other employment opportunities may be found in the automotive and aerospace industries, the development of wearable technology and the improvement of medical equipment.

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