We have 94 Masters Degrees in Mathematical & theoretical physics




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Masters Degrees in Mathematical & theoretical physics

We have 94 Masters Degrees in Mathematical & theoretical physics

Masters degrees in Mathematical & Theoretical Physics involve the application of mathematical principles and techniques to physics theory, and their use to explain physical phenomena. Related subjects include Particle Physics and Theoretical & Computational Methods. Entry requirements typically include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Mathematics or Physics.

Why study a Masters in Mathematical & Theoretical Physics?

## Courses in this field explore the use of mathematical techniques to understand the principles of Physics. This includes using mathematical models and abstractions of physical objects to rationalise, explain and predict natural phenomena. This could include small-scale processes such as chemical reactions within organisms, larger processes such as weather systems, and even larger-scale phenomena such as the movement of the Earth around the sun. You will explore topics like quantum theory and relativity, as well as classical mechanics, phase transitions and differential geometry. In analysing and modelling the various patterns of processes in the natural world, you can grasp how matter and shifts in energy determine its contents. Careers in this field may include consultation for industries such as renewable energy, aerospace engineering, cars and energy conservation. You may also be employed in the commercial sectors to develop products for retail.

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