We have 40 Masters Degrees in Quantum Mechanics




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Masters Degrees in Quantum Mechanics

We have 40 Masters Degrees in Quantum Mechanics

Masters degrees in Quantum Mechanics involve advanced study of material properties and processes at the sub-atomic level. Related subjects include Quantum Technologies and Microsystems Engineering. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate field such as Physics, Chemistry or an Engineering subject.

Why study a Masters in Quantum Mechanics?

## Courses in this field examine the experimental and theoretical developments associated with understanding the energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles. The study of Quantum Mechanics can develop highly precise materials, technology, and processes, improving the objects that we use in our daily lives. Quantum Mechanics may be applied to a range of industries, most popularly those in technology and engineering. For example, you might explore superconductors and simulators to assess how materials respond to different forces of energy. This expertise in turn may be applied to automotive and aerospace engineering, and the product development of items such as safety apparel. Alternatively, you might focus on quantum information technology, developing photonics and optical communications, as well as computer programming and software development. Finally, you could specialise in high-precision measurements and quantum metrology, which can be applied to security systems and the development of laser technology, satellite communications and radar.

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