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We have 8 Masters Degrees in Italian Society & Culture


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Masters Degrees in Italian Society & Culture

We have 8 Masters Degrees in Italian Society & Culture

Masters degrees in Italian Society & Culture include advanced study of the of the cultural and societal institutions, activities and movements associated with, or originating from, Italy. Related subjects include Italian Studies and Renaissance Studies. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject such as History, Languages and Literature, or Cultural Studies.

Why study a Masters in Italian Society & Culture?

## In many ways, Italy is considered to be the birthplace of Western civilisation, and a cultural superpower. Classical, Greek and Renaissance influences are still visible today in the art, architecture, customs, attitudes and even religious practices in Italy. You might choose to research the importance of the literary canon in Italy, and its relation to the country’s high culture as a whole. Or, you might examine Italy’s role in the spread of Christianity, and particularly the cultural importance of the role of The Vatican. You may even explore how many Italian traditions can be traced to their regional origins due to the country’s political past. Careers in this field may include roles in the public and private sectors such as heritage management, public relations, journalism, academia and publishing.

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