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Masters Degrees in Metaphysics

We have 38 Masters Degrees in Metaphysics

Masters degrees in Metaphysics involve advanced study of the fundamental nature of reality, issues of existence and the state of being. Related subjects include Reasoning and Epistemology. Entry requirements typically include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Philosophy or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Metaphysics?

## Metaphysics attempts to give answers to some hefty questions: what is existence, what is reality and what is truth, to give a few examples. A Masters in Metaphysics gives you the chance to grapple with these weighty topics. For example, you may investigate whether there are multiple realities. Similarly, you could examine reality in terms of our understanding of time and space, objects and their properties, or the nature of cause and effect. You could also specialise in Cosmology, which deals with the nature and existence of the universe. Another possibility is Ontology, which examines the nature of being and the categories of being. There is also some overlap between Metaphysics and Theology. Traditional careers include academia and publishing, as well as the media and journalism. More exotic roles may include metaphysical counselling, ministerial work and pastoral care.

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