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We have 29 Masters Degrees in Scholastic Philosophy




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Masters Degrees in Scholastic Philosophy

We have 29 Masters Degrees in Scholastic Philosophy

Masters degrees in Scholastic Philosophy involve advanced study of philosophical thought throughout Europe during the medieval period. Related postgraduate specialisms include Medieval & Early Modern Studies, and Ancient, Medieval & Renaissance Thought. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate subject such as Philosophy or History.

Why study a Masters in Scholastic Philosophy?

## Scholasticism provides insight into the foundations of European thought from approximately 1100 to 1700, and the critical thought that dominated the teachings by academics at the time. You’ll explore issues such as dogma in an increasingly pluralistic society, and how the establishment of the first universities in Italy, France, Spain and England influenced Western thought. Programmes typically explore a range of writers and historical themes, such as Thomas Aquinas and the emergence of reason, or Machiavelli and politics. Some training in Latin may also be a component of these courses, because some original materials aren’t always readily translated. Careers in this field could include traditional roles within academia and publishing, as well as media and journalism. Other possibilities include roles within law such as jurisprudence, along with policy-making in a range of professional contexts.

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