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We have 48 Masters Degrees in Psychoanalytical Studies




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Masters Degrees in Psychoanalytical Studies

We have 48 Masters Degrees in Psychoanalytical Studies

Masters degrees in Psychoanalytical Studies focus on the study of the unconscious mind, examining the origins, history, and sociocultural context of psychoanalysis, as well as investigating its current uses and applications in modern life.

Related postgraduate specialisms include Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies and Psychoanalysis & Contemporary Society. Entry requirements typically include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as History, Philosophy or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Psychoanalytical Studies?

Psychoanalysis was most famously formulated by Sigmund Freud at the end of the 19th century, and has since received a great deal of critical attention in both the psychological sciences and the arts.

As such, Masters in Psychoanalytical Studies are usually interdisciplinary in nature, spanning history, cultural studies and psychological theory. You could examine Freudian perspectives on cinema and literature, for example. Or, you might study psychoanalysis on a societal or global scale, exploring how attitudes have changed over time to issues such as conflict, race and religion.

Careers are extremely broad, with possible routes including clinical practice such as diagnostics and psychotherapy, social work and counselling, or forensic applications like rehabilitation and probation services. Other careers may include public administration and policy-making.

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