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We have 66 Masters Degrees in Business Psychology




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Masters Degrees in Business Psychology

We have 66 Masters Degrees in Business Psychology

Masters degrees in Business Psychology focus on a range of human behaviours in an organisational context. They apply psychological theory and practice to key issues that affect the internal and external functioning of organisations. Related postgraduate specialisms include Occupational & Business Psychology, and Organisational & Consumer Psychology. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree in Business Management or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Business Psychology?

## The aim of Business Psychology is to apply a psychological perspective to key organisational functions such as leadership, organisational culture, change management, marketing and communications. Training involves study of models of communication across different types of organisation. This includes exploring some of the barriers to communication that exist in organisations, whether these be lingual, behavioural or professional. It may also include analysis of the psychological impact of advertising and marketing on consumer behaviour. You will also likely analyse the language and behaviour of leaders in ensuring effective employer / employee relations. For instance, you may investigate which traits make a good leader, and the basic conditions in which employees are happy to work. With your expertise, you’ll be equipped with practical strategies to carry out internal communication audits and accompanying practical interventions based on psychological evidence. You could find work within a company’s HR department or consult on a private basis.

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