We have 12 Masters Degrees in History of Psychology




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Masters Degrees in History of Psychology

We have 12 Masters Degrees in History of Psychology

Masters degrees in History of Psychology involve advanced study of the development of methodologies and theory within the field of Psychology. Related postgraduate specialisms include Interdisciplinary Psychology and Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies. Entry requirements usually include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as History, Psychology or Social Science.

Why study a Masters in History of Psychology?

## Psychology is rooted in the history and development of ideas, having first been a branch of philosophy before developing into a scientific discipline. The field has a rich historical lineage, with beginnings in the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece, China and India. Courses offer you the opportunity to investigate the origins and developments of many different schools of psychoanalysis. This includes examining the medical and cultural context in which psychoanalysis began through to contemporary clinical and theoretical perspectives. You might also study the fundamentals of psychoanalytic theory and its various applications, considering the relationship of psychoanalytic ideas to the arts and modern science. Careers may involve adult and child psychotherapy, systems psychology or academia.

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