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We have 71 Masters Degrees in Sport Psychology




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Masters Degrees in Sport Psychology

We have 71 Masters Degrees in Sport Psychology

Masters degrees in Sport Psychology equip postgraduates with the skills to measure psychological performance in a variety of sporting contexts, and the techniques essential for improving certain psychological factors. Related subjects include Health & Exercise Sciences and Psychology of Sport & Exercise. Entry requirements usually include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Sport Science or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Sport Psychology?

## These courses give you the chance to explore both individual psychological responses and the group dynamics of sports teams. In particular, you’ll examine methodologies for effective coaching, including approaches such as preperformance routines, goal setting and arousal regulation. For example, you might study tactics for calming unwarranted feelings of anxiety or stress, or energising techniques to encourage feelings such as positivity and determination. You could also think about how mental illness and disability affect performance in sporting contexts. For example, you might explore the correlation between exercise and improved mental health, or how disorders such as anxiety can diminish effective performance. Sport psychologists work in a range of settings to help people improve their sporting abilities. This could include personal coaching for individuals and teams, consultation for training professionals or clinical rehabilitation.

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