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Masters Degrees in Social Psychology

We have 198 Masters Degrees in Social Psychology

Masters degrees in Social Psychology involve advanced study of the behavioural and psychological processes that humans experience within group contexts. Related subjects include Psychology of Social Relations, Organisational Psychology and Applied Social Psychology. Entry requirements usually include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate subject such as Sociology or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Social Psychology?

## Courses in this field will encourage you to consider how psychological factors such as thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are influenced by both the real and imagined presence of others, as well as how psychological processes form and develop within group dynamics. For example, you might explore how culture or gender norms are psychologically internalised, and affect how individuals present themselves to society. Or, you may examine how different mental states influence behaviours and communications when humans interact. You could also consider the ways in which unconscious psychological factors, mental disorders and disability exaggerate or diminish certain psychological processes in social contexts, such as the workplace, school or family home. Expertise in this field may be applied to a range of careers, including social work, community care, therapy and counselling, rehabilitation and education.

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