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We have 20 Masters Degrees in Psychology of Gender




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Masters Degrees in Psychology of Gender

We have 20 Masters Degrees in Psychology of Gender

Masters degrees in Psychology of Gender explore the ways in which gender may or may not be psychologically defined, and the external factors that influence gender perception. Related postgraduate specialisms include Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology. Entry requirements typically include an undergraduate degree such as Gender Studies, Social Science or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Psychology of Gender?

## Perceptions of gender vary greatly across different cultures: the Western tradition often determines it according to biological sex, while other cultures affiliate three or more genders to the human body. Gender psychology explores the psychological developments and processes that have influenced cultural variation in this area, analysing supposed masculine and feminine characteristics. The ‘nature versus nurture’ debate is often covered on these courses. You’ll explore the research and theory of different psychologists, some of whom explore gender as a result of biological and evolutionary factors, and others positing that gender is the result of culture and civilisation. Within this, you might also examine issues such as gender bias and gender’s relation to cognition, language and sociocultural perspectives. Traditional careers include academia and publishing, but you might also consider roles in humanitarian aid, government, public policy or journalism.

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