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Masters Degrees in Cross-Cultural Psychology

We have 10 Masters Degrees in Cross-Cultural Psychology

Masters degrees in Cross-Cultural Psychology involve advanced study of the cultural influences that affect psychological processes on individual, communal, and societal levels. Related postgraduate specialisms include Interdisciplinary Psychology and Social Psychology. Entry requirements normally include an undergraduate degree in an appropriate subject such as Intercultural Communication Studies or Psychology.

Why study a Masters in Cross-Cultural Psychology?

## Cross-cultural psychologists examine how different cultures view the world around them, and how psychological processes across cultures build variance in perception. They’re also interested in exploring possible ‘universals’ in behaviours and mental processes across different cultures. Programmes typically explore cultural variations such as differences in behaviour and language, attitudes, beliefs and emotions. For example, you may examine the psychological approaches that different cultures take when it comes to conflict, gender difference and subjective wellbeing. On the other hand, you could focus on similarities between cultures, such as transpersonal experiences (spiritual and contemplative traditions), and ideas of individualism and collectivism. Careers are varied, but you could find work as a clinical psychologist, a counsellor in healthcare or community settings, an educational psychologist or an occupational psychologist.

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