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We have 53 Masters Degrees in Environmental Chemistry




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Masters Degrees in Environmental Chemistry

We have 53 Masters Degrees in Environmental Chemistry

Masters degrees in Environmental Chemistry offer advanced training in the chemical foundations of the environment, from molecules to landscapes. Consideration is also given to environmental economics, and wider social significance. Courses range from taught MSc degrees, to research oriented MRes and MPhil programmes. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree, such as Environmental Science, Chemistry or Geology.

Why study a Masters in Environmental Chemistry?

## Global warming, though a pressing matter, is not the only topic which Environmental Chemists are concerned with. In an age of globalisation, may other pressing matters are taking centre stage. A Masters in this field can equip you with the knowledge to explore agriculture and ecology such as soil systems and marine life for farming purposes. You might also explore issues within landscapes and urbanisation, such as toxicology in industrial areas, or even deforestation and the protection of wildlife habitats. As well as grounding your knowledge in chemical practices and experiment design, practical training is offered through activities such as sampling, imaging and GIS (geographic information systems). Careers in this field are therefore highly varied, and may include laboratory research, consultancy within government agencies, and even archaeological excavation or conservation management.

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