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Masters Degrees in Chemistry

We have 424 Masters Degrees in Chemistry

Chemistry is a fundamental subject that helps us to understand the world around us. A Masters degree in Chemistry can provide an in-depth exploration of the subject, providing you with advanced skills and knowledge that can be applied to a range of real-world challenges. These challenges may include developing new medicines, improving food production, tackling environmental issues or advancing technological innovations.

Masters degrees in Chemistry provide advanced postgraduate training in different branches of the Chemical Sciences. Some programmes are general degrees. Others allow you to specialise in areas such as Analytical Chemistry, Biomolecular Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry.

Chemistry is a subject that is constantly evolving, and a Masters in Chemistry allows you to explore new areas of research, cutting-edge techniques, and the latest technologies. It can also prepare you for further study at the doctoral level, should you wish to pursue a career in academia or research.

These courses are often taught MSc degrees, but opportunities also exist for you to spend longer on a research-focussed Masters such as an MRes or MPhil. Entry requirements will normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree in Chemistry or a related Science subject.

Why study a Masters in Chemistry?

Despite being a highly academic subject area, Chemistry has many professional and vocational applications. Postgraduates in the Chemical Sciences are well equipped for careers in practical fields such as drug development, human nutrition or medical research.

Other, more exotic, career paths could include working on future technologies such as nanomaterials or chemical engineering solutions for exploration in extreme environments.

Professional chemists also work in professional roles with a surprising range of other organisations, whether as advisors on the design of new sportswear materials or as forensics experts assisting police and security forces.

If your interests are more academic you'll find that a Masters in Chemistry provides an excellent preparation for PhD research in other Physical or Applied Science subjects.

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