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We have 3 Masters Degrees in Organometallic Chemistry




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Masters Degrees in Organometallic Chemistry

We have 3 Masters Degrees in Organometallic Chemistry

Masters degrees in Organometallic Chemistry offer advanced training in the techniques used to understand reactions between organic compounds and metals. Taught MSc courses and research oriented MRes and MPhil programmes are available in this field. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree, such as Chemistry, Chemical Engineering of Biotechnology.

Why study a Masters in Organometallic Chemistry?

## These courses tend to focus on the chemistry of compounds containing, and the reactions involving, metal-carbon bonds. In particular, you will learn to develop new bonds in organic compounds in order to produce new products, though synthesis and analysis. Through activities such as laboratory research, bioinformatics and 3D modelling, you will learn to predict the product of given reaction conditions and their structures. Methodologies in molecular biology are thus explored through both theoretical and instrumental investigation. There are many industrial applications which your expertise would be suited to. You could work at the forefront of the latest technology for innovations in areas such as nuclear or renewable energy, nanotechnology and product design in various industries. Others roles may include work in agriculture, environmental protection services, or domestic utilities.

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