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We have 26 Masters Degrees in Structural Chemistry




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Masters Degrees in Structural Chemistry

We have 26 Masters Degrees in Structural Chemistry

Masters degrees in Structural Chemistry equip postgraduates with the skills to analyse and determine the function and structure of chemicals and chemical compounds. Courses range from taught MSc degrees, to research-based MRes and MPhil programmes. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.

Why study a Masters in Structural Chemistry?

## You will specialise in the analysis and arrangement of atoms within various organic and synthetic molecules, and the chemical bonds which hold atoms together. Practical training is offered in molecular modelling theory and techniques, such as writing structural formulae. Other training includes electromagnetic analysis (spectroscopy) and chemometrics (measuring chemical data). In understanding the structure of various molecules within chemicals, Structural Chemists are involved with wide-ranging research which aids the day-to-day needs of human life. From assessing the efficiency of pesticides, to developing the latest drugs to cure disease, the possibilities of applying these technical skills are far-reaching. Traditional roles include frontline development of new synthetic and chemically modified organic bonds. This includes lab work, chemical engineering and product design and manufacture. Your expertise would also make you suitable for legislative positions and consultancy in a range of industries.

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