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We have 131 Masters Degrees in British & Irish History


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Masters Degrees in British & Irish History

We have 131 Masters Degrees in British & Irish History

Masters degrees in British & Irish History offer advanced study of the cooperation, occupation and competition of the various parts of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the smaller adjacent islands which make up the British Isles. Related subjects include Ancient History and European History. Postgraduate specialisms include Scottish History, Landscape History and Celtic History as well as key periods such as the Eighteenth Century, Victorian or Modern Periods. Entry requirements usually include a suitable undergraduate degree such as History or Archaeology.

Why study a Masters in British & Irish History?

## Britain & Ireland have many links with Indo-European languages, traditions and cultures. They are therefore interesting locales for historical scrutiny offering diverse research opportunities. For example, you may examine how the English and Irish languages are closely associated with other Germanic languages, due to their origins in the Celtic languages and culture. Or, you might explore Britain and its Empire as the epicentre of the Industrial Revolution. From here, you could also examine the political issues which emerged through sovereignty, forming the two current sovereign states: The Republic of Ireland and The United Kingdom. Careers in this field may include roles in heritage institutions such as museum or archives undertaking scholarly research. Or, they may include academia, teaching and publishing.

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