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We have 18 Masters Degrees in Russian History


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Masters Degrees in Russian History

We have 18 Masters Degrees in Russian History

Masters degrees in Russian History examine the cultures, peoples and historical events of the country of Russia, beginning in the 9th century AD, through to the present-day. Related subjects include Ancient history and Europeans History. Entry requirements normally include an appropriate undergraduate degree such as History or Archaeology.

Why study a Masters in Russian History?

## Courses in the History of Russia examine a broad range of topics relating to significant historical events in Russia, and the ways these have effected both Russian natives as well as other cultures. For example, you may research how Moscow became a large cultural centre in the 13th century with a large influence on the West. Or, you may investigate the institutions related to the Russian Empire, and the social implications of serfdom in the 18th and 19th centuries. Studies in this field typically involve training in primary and secondary research, such as critical analysis of texts, as well as observations of material and cultural artefacts across different historical periods. Careers in this field may include academic research, teaching and publishing. They may also include roles in the media such as journalism or public relations, as well as foreign policy and government legislation.

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